– Bug removed: The employee no longer get stuck.
– Bug removed: If you have entered a too high value in “engine price”, the game is crashed.
– Now you can edit the employee names (“Text/EN/Employee_EN.txt”)

– Market analysis is now available in the “Statistics menu”.
– History has been added.
– You can now choose a woman as your game character.
– 20 new employees added.
– Added object tooltips. (English)
– Production cap is now 99999999.
– Pathfinding: The staff teleport to the destination if the route is blocked.
– Now you can edit the engine names (“Text/EN/Engines_EN.txt”)
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: The bonuses (trend, marketing, etc.) have been revised.
– Bug removed: If you have demolished a room, the pathfinding was not updated.
– Bug removed: Market analysis was calculated incorrectly.
– Bug removed: Performance problems solved in the “Hire employees menu”.
– Various minor bugs fixed.

– Market analysis / market situation added.
– Added a new building.
– Added 15 custom logos.
– Year 1980 is now displayed.
– New icons: Workplace, machines, servers
– New object: A new server.
– Added Spanish language.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Increased server costs.
– Bug removed: Fixed bug when building storage bins.
– Bug removed: NPC games were always published in week 0.
– Bug removed: Multiple research was possible.
– Bug removed: Icons are now placed in pause mode correctly.
– Bug removed: In rare cases, the game crashed (buggy pathfinding).

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.

– “Mad Games Convention” has been added.
– Game pauses when you open the room menus.
– The exterior walls of the building are now hidden. (if enabled)
– Additional server costs included (subject to subscription).
– Package menu restructured.
– New graphics for the information characters.
– Added Japanese language.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Reduced Subscribers
– Balance: Goodwill of NPC companys is growing faster.
– Bug removed: In the right games list an incorrect turnover was reported to MMOs.
– Bug removed: Turnover is displayed incorrectly in games. (If you’ve earned too much)

– Optimized game performance
– You can now change your company name in the statistics menu.
– If subsidiaries finish a game, you can now see the game-quality.
– New music
– In the options, you can now adjust the music volume.
– Added Portuguese language.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Bug removed: (Hire employees) If no employees was available, “1 of 0” was displayed.
– Bug removed: (Review) More than 5 thumbs up will overlap with game pic.
– Bug removed: Old games taken off the market still show in the Server Room’s subscription price list.

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.

– You can now develop game updates.
– Now you can subsidiaries support (with money).
– Now you can rename subsidiaries.
– Subsidiaries now have monthly costs.
– Added Polish language.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Bug removed: You could not produce games of subsidiaries.
– Bug removed: You could not scroll the list of games.
– Bug removed: Development costs for games of subsidiaries were not updated.
– Bug removed: The characters were walking through walls, if you have built a new room.
– Bug removed: Negative money is now displayed correctly.

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.

– 20 npc game studios added.
– Added counter for trends.
– In the Statistics menu you can buy NPC game studios.
– You can distribute games of subsidiaries.
– Statistics Menu restructured.
– Added Czech language.
– Turkish language updated to v1.1
– Bug removed: Now pre-orders should not fall below zero.

– Added Turkish language.
– Added French language.
– Added Italian language. (Alpha)
– Now you get experience if you complete a contract work.
– Licenses are now on page 1 in the game concept.
– Game Concept: Copy protection & Licenses can be purchased here.
– 5 new characters added.
– Various minor bugs fixed.

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.

– You can now edit all texts. (“MadGamesTycoon_Data\Text\”)
– You can now set a random company name and a random game name.
– Added more than 800 licenses. (Thanks to doy)
– Icons for fan campaigns added.
– English translation improved.
– “Hire employees menu”: Improved performance.
– Balance: Reviews
– Bug removed: Employee complaints expired in pause mode.
– Bug removed: “Choose location” had an incorrect tooltip.
– Bug removed: Now workplace icons are displayed correctly.
– Bug removed: If you dismiss an employee, the workplace was still occupied.