Update: 1.170424A

Update 1.170424A:
– 10 new platforms added.
– Game reports: Now the subgenre is displayed.
– Create new Engine: Now you can see how many engines you have developed from the genre.
– MOD: You can now edit all platforms and add your own.
– Different languages were updated.

To add new platforms, open the following file:

– 10 neue Plattformen hinzugefügt.
– Spielberichte: Es wird nun auch das Untergenre angezeigt.
– Engine entwickeln: Es wird nun angezeigt, wie viele Engines man vom jeweiligen Genre entwickelt hat.
– MOD: Man kann nun alle Plattformen editieren und eigene hinzufügen.
– Unterschiedliche Sprachen wurden geupdated.

Um neue Plattformen hinzuzufügen, musst du folgende Datei öffnen:


  1. Dovahkin

    Hi there, I really love this game. Is it still going to be updated? Will there be bigger offices?

  2. Patrick Palma

    vocês deveriam colocar uma função para comprar outros jogos e algumas coisa para ganhar dinheiro por que se enjoa só produzir jogos e ficar fazendo trabalho pra outra empresas e eu amo esse jogo

  3. James

    Thanks for such great game.
    But I think we need bigger offices, or maybe multi offices!
    For example three Gigantic Office!
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Dovahkin

    James, I keep asking but no reply :/

  5. Davidovix

    I would like if it was possible to do an expansion pack, dlc or datadisk


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