Update: 1.160926A – 1.161107A

1.160926A – 1.161107A:
– New console added: Mintendu Zwitch
– Console components and others can now be researched automatically.
– Group Management menu added.
– You can disable the AI for individual employees.
– Publisher menu: Sort function added.
– The effect of training now depends on the difficulty level.
– Savegame load times optimized
– Building / Demolition of rooms optimized.
– Statistics: All Time Charts, Platforms, Publisher and History menu optimized.
– Now the automation of contracts, research, training, support, marketing and game concepts can be stopped.
– Different languages were updated.
– Balance: Video Game Crashes are now rarer.
– Balance: (Engines license) NPCs do not pay attention to the genre anymore.
– Bug removed: If you built larger rooms, no building / departure particles were displayed.
– Bug removed: “Automatic price” did not work correctly.
– Bug removed: Fixed bug in tutorial.
– Bug removed: Tooltips from servers shows an incorrect number.
– Bug removed: Subscription price for MMOs (from subsidiaries) should now be default 5 $.
– Bug removed: In the development report, only 4 numbers (points) were displayed.
– Bug removed: (Delete savegame) The correct slot was not displayed.
– Bug removed: (Contract work) The penalties have not worked properly.

– Neue Konsole hinzugefügt: Mintendu Zwitch
– Konsolenkomponenten und Sonstige Forschungen können nun automatisch erforscht werden.
– Menü für Gruppenverwaltung hinzugefügt.
– Man kann nun für einzelne Mitarbeiter die KI deaktivieren.
– Sortierfunktion im Publisher-Menü hinzugefügt.
– Auswirkung von Training ist nun an Schwierigkeitsgrad gekoppelt.
– Savegame-Ladezeiten optimiert
– Bauen / Abreißen vom Räumen optimiert.
– Statistiken: AllTimeCharts, Platformen, Publisher und History-Menü optimiert.
– Nun kann die Automatisierung von Aufträgen, Forschung, Training, Support, Marketing und Spielkonzepte beendet werden.
– Unterschiedliche Sprachen wurden geupdated.
– Balance: Video Game Crashes treten nun seltener auf.
– Balance: Engines lizenzieren: NPCs achten nicht mehr so extrem auf das Genre.
– Bug removed: Wenn man größere Räume gebaut hat, wurden keine Bau/Abreissen-Partikel angezeigt
– Bug removed: “Automatischer Preis” hat nicht korrekt funktioniert, wenn man ein fremdes Spiel vertreibt.
– Bug removed: Fehler im Tutorial behoben.
– Bug removed: Tooltips von Servern zeigt eine falsche Zahl.
– Bug removed: Abopreis für MMOs (von Tochterfirmen) sollten nun default 5$ betragen.
– Bug removed: Im Entwicklungssbericht wurden nur 4 Zahlen der Points angezeigt.
– Bug removed: (Savegame löschen) Es wurde nicht der richtig Slot angezeigt.
– Bug removed: Die Strafzahlung wurde nicht abgezogen, wenn ein Auftrag nicht erfüllt wurde.


  1. Li Qiang

    Thank the developers for a long time to update and improve of the game, wish a crazy game tycoon is getting better and better, wish developers to you and your family, all the best, good health and happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, live as long as the southern mountain, here I have a little proposal, is also the aspirations of many players, is to to late game players can be said to be in not only the money, so that players will feel boring, feel boring, players hope developers can update e-sports, players can cultivate your own team, can also go to buy other games the team of the company, also hope to update the network game and the stand-alone game developers of the copyright, is if the network game and the stand-alone game are players own innovation, if other companies want to copyright in this game, you must give money, you also need to update the laws, because if there is no copyright fee to the players, game company can Sue by law and the game company, finally, I hope the author can update the planning department, and some of the function of automatically updating the game, because of long time players to the click of a mouse will feel tired, if update the planning department, and the function of automatically updating the game, players can according to your meaning to orders, then the function of the planning department and automatically update the game will have already completed, that is a little proposal, hope developers to pay attention to.

  2. James

    Thanks for your great game.
    please add a digital deluxe version for publish games.
    physical version is old. many new games have digital deluxe.
    thank you.

  3. Jack

    Hey, I really like the game! Thank you devs for the effort. I have a suggestion though. If it’s possible, could you please add a way for old games to be ported on modern consoles, instead of remarketing them? Or develop expansion packs, dlcs, spin-offs for current games, instead of creating successors/sequels. And also, sell licenses for popular games that you’ve released. Since I’m a hardcore gamer, I really need a game that is in-depth in everything. Anyway, thanks for the game and more power! Love you guys.

  4. MichlInoro

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