Update: 1.160915A – 1.160924A

1.160915A – 1.160924A:
– Office-Doors added.
– Head Office: “Coordinate Project” added (increases the speed).
– You can now save up to 11 Save Games.
– License engines: NPCs should note the genre more.
– Game Concept menus: Button to buy Engine added.
– Game Concept menus: The genre & topic which is the trend will be highlighted.
– Added 11 new logos.
– Doors of toilets now work.
– The price of games can now be automated.
– If you have no server room, MMOs are not withdrawn from the market immediately (Every week -33% subscriptions).
– Dismiss staff: Confirmation dialog added.
– New Game -> Special Genre & Special Feature: Tooltips added.
– Game Reports: It now shows, whether the topic fits the genre.
– The phone sound should be disabled by default.
– Develop Engine: Minimum features are now marked with a Locked icon.
– Training: Tooltips added, from which year the training course available.
– Different languages were updated.
– Balance: Now Engines are less licensed (depending on the license cost).
– Balance: Now MMOs and F2Ps generate less money.
– Balance: Sales numbers of bundles increases.
– Balance: Capacity of servers increases.
– Balance: Goodwill of NPCs significantly increased when the game starts.
– Bug removed: (Build a room) Sometimes there was a crash.
– Bug removed: Sometimes you could not research all console components.
– Bug removed: Sometimes the company logos of contract works were not displayed correctly.
– Bug removed: If you copied game concepts, the development costs have not been updated.
– Bug removed: Employees have never complained about the lack of toilets.
– Bug removed: Some errors in the “ThemesFit.txt” file corrected.
– Bug removed: (AI developer) You could not choose all logos.
– Bug removed: You could not place heaters in the toilet.
– Bug removed: Employees have constantly complained about the lack of audio systems.
– Bug removed: You could sell more games than there are consoles.
– Bug removed: NPCs have developed only for the PC.
– Different, minor bugs removed.


  1. D0v4hk1n

    Hi, I absolutely love this game! I only wish for more content and more consoles towards the future, I hope you can add “OS platforms” after the PS5 and Xbox Next; (just like Steam or Origin) which would replace consoles. Also, a good addition would be the adding of competition to get the signing of certain voice talents or devs! Also (yes, there is more) I would love to see more conventions! and award shows; just like the VGX at the end of the year. I hope you can find the time to read my comment, meanwhile: thank you for the awesome work!

  2. Christian Sezemsky

    hey this game is very good, but progress to multiplayer per lan or Inet please


  3. There appears to be a memory leak of some kind, but I’ve had issues tracking it down. I think it may be something to do with contract game development but not 100% sure.


  4. James

    I have a good idea:
    why you don’t add engine type to game? for example physic engine, etc.

  5. Baron

    hey, i really love your game! it’s exciting. i wish you could add a new feature to make a console game. so it could compete with another consoles in the game. in other words, we could sell games and consoles too

  6. James

    Hi again!
    I really enjoy your game.
    but, I really like to add this two feature to your great game:
    1. Player can have many building. like a small building for producing and a big building for make games.
    2.I think if player should product consoles like games, it’s better. in other words, I mean we should make a producing line for product consoles.
    thank you very much.


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