Update: 0.160213A – 0.160218A

0.160213A – 0.160218A
– You can now employee group. (Control + F1 to F12)
– Now you can imagine on measuring their own consoles.
– Bank: You can now receive smaller sums / pay back.
– Match report: It will be displayed if you have chosen the right audience.
– Financial Review: Sales / expenditure own consoles added.
– Genre-Spam is now linked to the topic.
– Hardware components you have to explore now by and by.
– Different languages were updated.
– Bug removed: (My Games: sales) Sometimes not all games were shown.
– Bug removed: (Rights Game List) You could no more games close & open.
– Bug removed: financial statistics were sometimes miscalculated.
– Bug removed: (My Games: Game Concepts) the points for graphics, sound etc. were not correct.
– Bug removed: Inventory Sell menu was positioned incorrectly
– Bug removed: When you have changed the resolution, the menus were wrongly positioned.
– Bug removed: (price & package) exit button did not work.
– Bug removed: Tooltip for employee complaints was not displayed.
– Bug removed: progress bar by pressing was not disabled.

Employee group:
Just one or more employees pick up & then Control + F1 key (F12).
If no employee is selected, you can cancel the grouped employee with Control + F1 (F12).