Update: 0.150812A

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.
– Now game reports can be created.
– AI for employees can be activated (F6). This your employees are automatically assigned offices.
– Employees are unhappy if the desired object does not exist.
– New research, copy protection, engine, platform: Windows replaced with a message.
– Some sounds were replaced.
– Developing successor: It only displays the latest game in the series.
– One can only create a maximum of five game updates (per game).
– Cabinets and desks are no longer required from employees.
– For fan campaigns you now get XP.
– Game updates: If the game does not have bugs, you can not activate bug fixing.
– Demolish room: Sound and particles added.
– Tooltips for employees icons added.
– Hide / display Interface: Key changed to “LeftAlt + I”
– In the options you can now hide the XP gain.
– In the options you can now turn off the sound of the employees icons.
– Unterschiedliche Sprachen wurden geupdated.
– Bug removed: Game improvements: Worklists were not saved / loaded.
– Bug removed: Dissatisfaction of employees has not been updated “instant”.
– Bug removed: Graphic Studio: If you canceled the game selection, you ended up in the sound studio.
– Bug removed: Stand fans had no effect on employee satisfaction.
– Bug removed: NPCs have not distributed the priority settings to 100%.
– Various minor bugs fixed.