Update: 0.150805A

– Positive random events added.
– You can now change the name of the employee in the Personnel menu.
– New press added.
– It is now possible to obtain a total score of 100%.
– Now you get experience points when you develop an engine.
– Marketing, Graphic Studio, Sound Studio, Quality assurance: Now automatically a game is selected.
– More menus can be closed with “ESC”.
– “Buy Objects” menu: Tooltips added.
– With “Tab” you can now hide the interface.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Marketing effect increases.
– Balance: Random events now occur more rarely.
– Bug removed: If you have signed a publishing contract, the game has been shown in the development room.
– Bug removed: “Pick up objects” setting was not saved.
– Bug removed: Walls were not invisible, while the setting was activated.
– Bug removed: There were graphic bugs on low graphics settings.
– Bug removed: Employees demanded the executive office desks.
– Bug removed: The marketing costs of games sometimes calculated incorrectly.
– Bug removed: Fixed a bug with the monthly cost of presses.