Update: 0.150730C

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.
– Random events for games added.
– Employees are now randomly generated.
– Games: Marketing costs are now added.
– View Options (left-bottom of the interface) are now saved.
– “Take game from the market” and “Sell remainders” menus revised.
– Game Designer legends added.
– Consultant Notes can now be disabled in the options.
– Pathfinding was updated.
– Balance: Marketing effect reduced.
– Balance: Lifetime of games now is related to the difficulty.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Bug removed: In “very low” graphics settings the construction preview was not shown.
– Bug removed: Sometimes you could not lift employees.
– Bug removed: You could unlock the “Staff Room” with three employees.
– Bug removed: The salary of employees was sometimes calculated incorrectly.
– Bug removed: In the financial statement for games, the developer’s share was not shown.
– Various minor bugs fixed.