Update: 0.150722A

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.
– In Statistics menu you can now see the financial report for each year.
– Publishing offers, you can now see in the manager’s office.
– Now you can automatically continue the research.
– Game improvements must now be researched.
– “Statistics – My Games”: Here you can now see the games of subsidiary companies and your share.
– Orders are now canceled when the price of games is raised.
– The own language is now free.
– If the game has too many bugs that appears in the game review.
– Limp-desks changed graphically.
– Adjusted minimum size for production, graphic studio and sound studio.
– In the options you can now hide “Mad Games Awards” and “Mad Games Conversation”.
– Maximum number of visitors “Mad Games Convention” adjusted.
– Minimizes graphic errors of walls.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Bug removed: Graphic studio desks should no longer turn into servers.
– Bug removed: Revenue share of games of subsidiaries has been calculated incorrectly.
– Bug removed: You could develop engines and updates while you did not have enough money.
– Bug removed: If you had too many fans, there were freezes.
– Various minor bugs fixed.