Update: 0.150612A

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.

– Performance improved.
– Now you can publish budget versions. (Production room)
– You can now publish bundles. (Production room)
– New Game Screenshots added.
– Now you can enabled / disable VSync in the Options.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Effect of copy protection and licensing increased.
– Bug removed: In some menus, the icons were flashing.
– Bug removed: In package menu you had to click on the manuals sometimes twice.
– Bug removed: If you had accepted an production contract, it was no longer possible to set prices for games.
– Bug removed: Performance issues fixed in the “Save / Load” menu.
– Bug removed: In some storage objects no boxes were rendered.
– Bug removed: Sometimes you could place no object when a flat object on the wall.
– Bug removed: In “My Games” menu only a maximum of 500 games were displayed.