Update: 0.150515A

– Production contracts added.
– New employees added.
– Load save games been optimized.
– Collision boxes improved. Thereby, the objects can be better selected.
– Toilets can be built side by side now.
– In the “New Game” menu, you can now open fan letters and the bank menu.
– Option menu restructured.
– When starting the game you can now unlock everything.
– In the options the scrolling speed and the volume of objects can be set.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Developing for multiple platforms, now unlocks earlier.
– Bug removed: Heaters could build into other objects.
– Bug removed: Pictures could not be placed in the toilet.
– Bug removed: There were not removed all objects, if you have bought a new property.
– Bug removed: Cost of establishment was not listed in the finances.
– Bug removed: In the monthly balance the expenditures have not worked.
– Bug removed: If a save game was broken, the “Save / Load – Menu” was not displayed correctly.