Update: 0.150430A

– 17 new platforms added.
– Sort function for platforms inserted.
– Added Financial menus.
– Subsidiaries can be closed.
– Performance improved.
– Added larger storage object.
– Maximum price for games is now $ 49.
– You can now copy the settings of concepts.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Production rate was increased.
– Bug removed: Release texts (platforms) was not saved in the History.
– Bug removed: Platforms were a year too early released.
– Bug removed: Fan letters were not displayed.
– Bug removed: In the billing screen of games sometimes a negative profit was shown.
– Bug removed: Market share Percentages for all platforms have become negative.
– Bug removed: The pedestal fan has been transformed into a slot machine.
– Bug removed: In the Personal menu, the name is displayed in the wrong language.