Update: 0.150422A

– Desks now have different speed bonus.
– Employees can now be selected by the employee menu.
– Added sort function in Employees Menu.
– In the “New Game” menu, you can now open the old game concepts.
– Games of subsidiaries can now be renamed.
– In the charts & statistics, an icon will be displayed when the game was developed by a subsidiary.
– Now the number of bugs is related to the degree of difficulty.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Effect of marketing by Publisher has been reduced.
– Bug removed: Games you published later, had an incorrect release date.
– Bug removed: In the marketing Menu unreleased games had a release date.
– Bug removed: Sometimes the wrong office was displayed.
– Bug removed: Fixed issues with placing of objects.
– Bug removed: When employees are working on an addon, no progress bar is displayed.
– Various minor bugs fixed.