Update: 0.150316A

– Optimized game performance
– If you build a room, you can now see the selected tile.
– Animation for employees at the desk added.
– Now you be able to buy devkits on the platform selection screen.
– In the All-Time-Charts, you can now see the best 500 games.
– If no employees are available now a hint text appears.
– End of the year screen is now skippable.
– Employees tell quotes from games.
– Now you can edit the copy protection names in any language. (“Text/EN/CopyProtect_EN.txt”)
– Now you can edit the npc studio names. (“Text/EN/NpcCompanies_EN.txt”)
– Now you can edit platform names. (“Text/EN/Platform_EN.txt”)
– Now you can edit publisher names. (“Text/EN/Publisher_EN.txt”)
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Fans are easier to satisfy.
– Balance: NPCs now make better games.
– Balance: Reduced monthly cost for servers.
– Balance: Reduced monthly cost of subsidiaries.
– Bug removed: “Select license” and “Select copy protection” had an incorrect tooltip.
– Bug removed: Performance problems solved in the menus: “All Time Charts”, “My Games: Turnover”, “My Games: Concepts”, “My Games: Reviews”
– Bug removed: In Game Concepts menu no price for graphics features was displayed.
– Bug removed: A license and a copy protection you could buy without executive office.
– Various minor bugs fixed.