Update: 0.150121A

Information: Old save games can not be loaded.

– You can now replace all logos and add new logos. (“MadGamesTycoon_Data\Logos\pl_1.png – pl_50.png”)
– You can now disable the Servers.
– Load save games optimized.
– Added some hotkeys.
– Bug removed: The subscriptions revenue are now saved.
– Bug removed: Unreleased Games could win a Game Award.
– Bug removed: (Develop New Engine) The development costs of engines now works.
– Bug removed: Produce Self window does not show negative amounts.
– Bug removed: If you cancel a project with marketing campaign the UI disappear.
– Various minor bugs fixed.

1: Pause
2: Normal Speed
3: Fast Speed
F1: Build Room Menu
F2: Buy Objects
F3: Employee
F4: Statistic
F5: Buy Property
F6: Options
F10: Enable / Disable pick up objects.
F11: Hide/Unhide Wall
F12: Hide/Unhide Information
ESC: Cancel placing objects, close most menus.