1. DFKnight

    Any plans for Steam Achievements or Steam Trading Cards?

  2. Mick

    I purchased it through the Humble Widget, any chance of getting a Steam key through that?

    1. Legopigman

      I got Mad Games Tycoon on Humble Widget long ago, is there any way of getting a steam key from that?

    2. Micha

      Hey i bought as well on 25th. Dez and voted for Steam. i need one steamkey as well please

        1. Micha

          Wow… so fast :)
          Nearly as fast as Updates rolling out this days :)

  3. Miyukini

    How can i have a steam-key if i’ve buy it on desura?

  4. Eggcode@SP

    @Miyukini: Please send me an screenshot or Purchase confirmation to “sp@destrax.de”.

  5. Jonas Andersen

    Hey i really enjoy the game, and i’m currently under education as a designer. I have bought the game on steam, and was wondering if you would send me a version that dont launch trough steam, so i can so my class the basic of bulding/decorating the rooms ? Since we dont have admin at the school to install steam.


  6. MichlInoro

    Дома есть интернет, продайте часть своего трафика и получи деньги через 15 – 20 мин!Подробнее….


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