Hotfix: 0.150615A

– Performance improved.
– In the year 2000, the old monitors are replaced with new flat screens.
– In the year 2000, the images for PC and Mac will be replaced with modern computers.
– In the options you can now disable the balloon of employees.
– If you release a game later, now comes a MessageBox.
– If the fans are unhappy, then the icon flashes.
– Different languages have been updated.
– Balance: Translations now have different effects on the sales figures.
– Bug removed: You could not delete save games.
– Bug removed: If a subsidiary has completed a game, the focus is no longer on the text box for the Game Name.
– Bug removed: Picking up people and objects sometimes not working.
– Bug removed: You now need to select at least one game for the “Mad Games Convention”.
– Bug removed: Items should no longer sink into the ground.
– Bug removed: Some bugs when placing doors fixed.
– Various minor bugs fixed.