Hotfix: 0.150921A

Hotfix: 0.150921A
– In a review now appears “thumbs down” when a game has too many bugs.
– The room options can be closed with a left-click.
– NPC games can now have bugs.
– Balance: Development of patches will not take so long.
– Bug removed: Market analysis was calculated incorrectly.
– Bug removed: (Employees in the room) Sometimes the wrong employees were displayed.
– Bug removed: (Develop update) Incorrect Icon for “New storyline”.
– Bug removed: Puzzle + Puzzle was a good genre combination.
– Bug removed: Some bugs removed in the tutorial.
– Bug removed: If you have demolished a room, the animation of the employees has not been updated.
– Bug removed: The quality assurance still remove bugs, while the game was released.
– Bug removed: Sometimes the prices of games have been moved.
– Bug removed: Sometimes the rooms buttons were hidden by other graphics.
– Bug removed: The storage room was unlocked at the start of the game.
– Bug removed: You could change the contents of the package, while the stock was not “zero”.
– Bug removed: If you bought a new building, there were a few bugs.